I'm Eileen and Freely Underwear is my brand. When I first released it in 2017 it was called Be Free but for things in life I had to change the name to Freely. Freedom is a concept that has been in my mind since I was a child and it goes perfectly with the concept that I want to give to my brand.

Why underwear? I almost never bought underwear in my home country because I could not find a style that fitted with me. Everything was too structured, too full of lace or in sizes that did not fit me. If I think about it more deeply, the time to put my underwear on daily was always very boring. And I think it is a moment only for us, where what I choose to wear is 100% for me, to feel beautiful and to feel comfortable. And to have that moment, the idea of ​​creating Freely came up, a first layer of clothing that I feel like putting on every day, combining its colors and feeling the softness of its fabrics. A moment where I feel free.

My vision is that just like me, many women can feel that same sense of freedom when using Freely and that through their choice they feel more authentic and happier with who they are.

And if you want to wear the garments for any other occasion, it's your choice!